Get Free MLM Leads: Our Top 5 Methods for 100s of Daily Visitors!

Learn How to Get Free MLM Leads in 2019 and Beyond…

All the social media platforms out there are really easy to get started with and will easily start bringing in leads if you

take massive action on them.

Right about now your likely thinking… “Not another guy preaching get on all the big social platforms”

Go ahead and think that. I just want to know what you’re missing out if you keep passing up on the goldmines that are out there literally waiting for you to start digging.

I know people who are getting up to 300 leads a day from Instagram, just adding one picture a day. Twitter has also been a game-changer for people and it’s really been working very effectively for a ton of marketers. Paid traffic is alright. But you have to worry about profit margins and all that stuff.

Free daily leads are always profitable and convert well. In fact, you can get unlimited leads if you know how to scale correctly on some of these platforms…

So let’s dive into some of these sites and see how you could start using them today to your advantage.

Get Free MLM Leads: Our Top 5 Methods for 100s of Daily Visitors!

1.) Instagram

Want the formula to endless leads on the top social media platform in the world.

My simple yet easy method to growing an Instagram page from 0 to 100k followers:

  • Research Your Competitor – Find out the biggest page in your niche and see what type of content they are posting. Duplicate what they are doing. Don’t reinvent the wheel. There are mobile applications that allow you to download any image off the platform.  Do just that and post it on your page with credit back to the original creator. Post 4 images a day and watch your followers rise!
  • Follow Others – Go to the page that you’re inspired by and start following the people that engaged with their post. Follow 50 People. The next day, unfollow all of them. You will gain followers by doing this! Simply keep doing this through the months until you reach 10k followers

The process is simple. Instagram has something called an explore page. Getting a ton of likes basically helps you get on explore in which you receive thousands and thousands of likes and visitors to your page. People who go to your Instagram will likely click the link in your bio and turn into a free lead. Easy enough right?

The real key is just staying consistent with the strategy. It may take 5-7 months before getting any traction but it will be a lifetime asset you can continually grow over the years. Assets that bring in daily leads even when your sleep is the best way to go and I would take it overpaid traffic any day.

2. Twitter

Nothing is much different about Twitter. Build a massive following and watch those leads fall from the sky. I know I make it sound easy. I’m not exaggerating. The only hard part is investing the time to let it grow without giving up before it starts getting big.

People want instant results but it doesn’t work that way. The super affiliates you see doing 100k/month didn’t oe day wake up and just start earning that type of money. They built their assets over time and now they are able to crush any MLM that they join. You could be doing that at well.

Easy Blueprint to follow:

  • Begin following people in your niche. I see people follow over 35k people and easily get well over 100k followers like it’s nothing. Twitter is by far the easiest place to start.
  • Use a follow-up tool.  People that follow you can automatically receive follow up messages straight to their inbox by using services that automate the process.

It sounds like a vague crap. The reality is the strategy is just insanely simple. You can create an account now, then follow 100 people and wake up with 70 followers. For some reason, the platform is just EASY to grow on. All you have to do is market to those people on autopilot and then you got tons of daily leads.

3.)  Get Free MLM Leads with Facebook

People do the whole Facebook group thing wrong.

This is how it should be done:

  1. Join Work From Home Facebook Groups
  2. Build an opt-in page that gives away free value. It could be something like “5 Ways To Explode Your MLM Business with Purchase Notification” People will put their email in to get access to the offer you’re giving away free of cost. Now they trust and like you.
  3. Use Aweber to send daily follow up emails regarding your opportunity and watch the sales start flooding.

Rinse and repeat all while getting free MLM Leads!

Finding a Good MLM Business for Your Free Leads

Even if you have a ton of leads coming in every day, your results will always be mediocre if you’re joining low-quality opportunities. This is why I use DollarCop to check the program I’m considering working with. They provide reviews on the top MLM companies and aren’t bias about their reviews. I trust the owner of the website and he has pretty good experience in the industry.

Let US know how you Get MLM Leads in The Comment Section!

Are you killing the game? Most people are struggling every day just to enroll their first member in their online business. Feel free to share with us what you’re doing! We’re always open ears to how we could take our business to a new level. Anyway, happy lead hunting!


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